Wednesday, April 17, 2019

So much news...

Greetings from the Misty Mountains...

I have quite a bit of news to share, but first let me show you the lovely new cover from Penguin for Meet Me in Venice. Isn't it fab? I had a wonderful time telling the story of the Benetto family and taking them into the magical setting of Venice.


Their tale is already available for pre order from all the usual outlets and I'm confident this is one story of mine you won't want to miss. I'll be adding the blurb and an excerpt to my website very soon.I also have exciting giveaways lined up for the lead in to this book's release in August, including a beautiful handmade bracelet of Murano glass, so don't forget to read my future emails to find out how you can win!

But before Meet Me in Venice hits the book stores, I have a new rural romance about to be released. This is Jenna's story, part of the Outback Brides of Wirralong.

This was another cover that made me smile as soon as I saw it. That sassy grin is perfect for Jenna, my  smart city lawyer who gets more than she bargained for when she meets sheep farmer, Sam Twist.

This story is published by Tule, a digital first company, and it  will be released as an ebook on May 8th and available from all the usual outlets. Of course, you can order it now. (In fact,all these covers will take you to amazon if you click on them.)  I'll also be selling signed print copies of Jenna, so if you'd like to order one, would you let me know? I'll be getting in a supply to post to you, my most important readers.

Here's the blurb for Jenna's story.

Can she keep a safe distance?Jenna Matthews is a city girl, no question. Despite a childhood spent in the Outback, she's committed to her fast-paced life and the competitive world of corporate law. When her best friend asks her to be bridesmaid, Jenna finds herself in Wirralong and wildly attracted to the best man. A fling? Why not?

Dangerously sexy Sam Twist runs his vast family sheep property and is as keen as Jenna to keep their relationship at fling status. Then the authorities turn up on his door step and Jenna jumps in to help despite Sam’s protests.

She soon learns that after years of drought, there are others in the district who need her skills. Her dilemma? Spending too much time around Sam is perilous. He could rob a girl of her heart.

Jenna's story is Book 3 in this wonderful series.  You'll probably want to collect them all.


But as they say in those dreadful TV ads, wait, there's more...
Tomorrow, April 16th, The Country Wedding  will be back in book stores with a lovely new cover and in a slightly smaller format. So, if you missed this story in 2017, this is your chance to catch up. It's a standalone novel, but it follows The Grazier's Wife and revisits some of those characters, like Seth Drummond and Alice.


Also, in May, The Cattleman's Journey will be selling in Post offices for a special low price. This is a collection of three of my old favourites - The Cattleman's Special Delivery, Princess in the Outback and The Parisian Proposition.


So, I've bombarded you somewhat, but I had to share the news of so many book events. I'll be heading off on holidays soon (ish) and plan to come back re-charged and ready to dive into my next writing adventure.
So until you hear from me again...
Happy reading,
Barb xx