Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Heading south...

I'm off to Noosa for a week (lots of long walks along the beautiful beach and through the National Park on the headland) and then I'm heading on to Brisbane for Mothers' Day to catch up with my daughters, my sisters, my Mum, my other grandchildren and other extended family.

Unfortunately, I will be writing while I'm on holiday. Well, actually, it's not unfortunate because I happen to love writing and get twitchy when I'm not writing anyway. And when I'm not writing, I'll be reading or watching a movie or eating and thinking about writing.

To keep you amused, I'm sending you off here to check out photos from my sister's cycling trip to the Himalayas. This trip inspired the background for the Secrets We Keep trilogy, coming later this year. I'll be back after this break, to tell you more.:)


Nicola Marsh said...

I love Noosa! Have a wonderful trip, Barb (and a lovely Mother's Day!)

And thanks for the good wishes regarding my impending baby launch :)

2paw said...

Have a wonderful trip Barbara!! The weather looks lovely. I have to tell you that our weather is lovely too: it is raining!! Real, proper rain!! We walked in the rain and The Labradors are I are all wet!! I am always interested in what inspires writers, and what could be better than a trip to the Himalayas. A friend's children are off to Nepal on a school trip later this year.