Monday, May 19, 2008

A happy surprise on the weekend...

When we got to Tarzali, we discovered windows and doors!

The windows and shutters that we found in demolition yards and which E has lovingly restored are now (finally) installed. Our new dining room and study are almost complete.

In the kitchen, our oven is connected and we baked a baby coral trout. In fact, I spent an entire weekend doing very little... shopping for window latches, planting trees, cleaning sticky labels off the stove, taking photos, or just smiling... anything but writing.

Felt strange... I guess I'm v hard to please.
In spite of all this excitement, I need to get started on a new book. I'm fidgety when I'm not working on a story.

Yes, there will be a bigger dining table. It's in the garage, ready and waiting.


Anonymous said...

Barb - It looks just lovely - can't wait to get there and see it in person.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Absolutely gorgeous Barbara! Fantastic views. What inspiration for your writing. :)

Barbara Hannay said...

The windows are beautiful, aren't they?
They come from the old Ayr hospital and they used to be in a brick wall in a special area, set aside for anxious relatives... where they could sit and meditate, pray, hope ... generally find a sense of peace.
We found the windows on a dusty shelf, with white and peeling frames that were beautiful silky oak underneath.
We're hoping they'll bring our guests that same sense of hope and peace and happiness for which they were originally designed.

Fiona Lowe said...

Hello, Barb,

I popped by and I just LOVE the look of the windows and the room.

Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

Oh Barb,
how gorgeous is that room?
Instantly invokes warmth...would be an inspiring place to write :)

Annie Doyle said...

Worth waiting for, I'd say, Barb. Beautiful windows and as it's been said before "how's the serenity?".
Regards Annie

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful the view is from your window. You must spend a lot of time looking out, sitting at the table. I love to look out my front window, although the view is of the silty river, I love the sky and the hills and maountains in the distance.
Happy cooking!!!!