Sunday, December 07, 2008

post book business

I’ve been in a kind of post book haze, catching up on all those things I put off while finishing the second book in my duet – like sleep and paying bills and Christmas shopping and making my Christmas cake. Of course, there was the added delight of having Lilly's help in the kitchen.
On the weekend we made a hasty trip to Tarzali for a quick check. There'd been a wild storm up there, so we had broken tree branches to clean up as well as the usual mowing and weeding. In the wet tropics, grass and weeds are the gardener's enemy, but with drought elsewhere, we're not complaining.

Our Tarzali neighbours are currently caring for this dear little orphaned wallaroo (joey). She's called Ellie and she has been very sick, but is now doing very well and eating grass. She sleeps in a towel-lined bag with a slit in the side like her mother's pouch. Isn't she sweet?

On the way back from Tarzali, we photographed this roadside sign that someone has decorated for the festive season. It's out in the middle of nowhere -- so Aussie, isn't it?

Soon, we're dashing south to catch up with the southern half of our clan. As I now have wireless broadband, I hope to keep you posted. Fingers crossed that this year we aren't washed out the way we were last year, as we have to make it back for an important family event. Will no doubt be doing revsions in the midst of all this dashing about.

But at least I'm better off than the Australian author languishing in a Thai jail, because he wrote one sentence in his book that offended the Thai royalty. I'm inclined to agree with his lawyer who said..." it's about time the Australian government put Harry Nicolaides' human rights before its relationship with the Thai government."

Hear, hear.


Magdalena Scott said...


I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures--and enjoying the writer's life from your point of view. Good luck with your travels, and enjoy the broadband internet!

Barb said...

Thanks Magdalena. We've just had a burst of sanity and have decided to fly south and do the hire car thing. Phew! Saves four days of driving.

Phillipa said...


If I don't get here again, may I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas? Fancy coming over for some snow and rain? :)

Barb said...

I would adore to come over for some snow or rain, Phillipa. Next year, you may have a visitor.

Happy Christmas!!!