Friday, September 11, 2009

It's spring! A few snapshots from my world...

First, these orchids are growing in the fork of a camphor laurel at Tarzali. I know camphor laurels are weeds these days (in Southern Australia), but this tree is so ancient and huge and magnificent we will never chop it down. After all, it's still taking in masses of carbon.
In the tree fern forest at the bottom of our block, we have native orchids flowering right now.

This is part of the forest where they grow. It tumbles all the way down a steep hillside to a creek at the bottom.
And this is a quintessential view in Townsville showing the old and the new -- the old Shamrock hotel, with new high rise, another hotel with a funnel on top fondly referred to by Townsvilleans as The Sugar Shaker, and part of Castle Hill which dominates our town, once known by the Aborigines as Cutheringa. This view is from our favourite local fish and chip shop, Simply Tops.
And of course there are palm trees and frangipani everywhere in Townsville.

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Lacey Devlin said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!