Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in town again...

We're back in town with a box of incubating eggs and a baby chick taking up residence under lamplight in our spare bedroom. (Don't tell our caretaker.)
All the time we were away I was feeling smug about not using any air conditioning and mentally giving us ticks for all the electricity we were saving...
Until we stepped inside the apartment and saw the place covered in grey mould. It's been a BIG wet season. (Remember, I was boasting about loving the rain a few weeks back?)

I wasn't quite so chirpy about dampness when I was whipping out the Domestos and getting to work, after tidying up at Tarzali earlier that day and a four hour car journey.

But now the apartment is lovely and clean (probably cleaner than it's been for a while) and I have vanilla scented candles. And air conditioning! And last night we had our three little granddaughters and their parents over for dinner. I cooked my son's childhood favourite, chicken stuffed with brown rice and drizzled with honey and we had pancakes for dessert as it was Shrove Tuesday. Lilly told us about the boy at kindy who kissed her and spat on her, while Milla and Sophie had a fine time banging saucepan lids on the floor tiles. Pity the poor people in the flat below us. But they were so good, really.

So this back and forth lifestyle means there's always a constant adjustment to be made, but at least life isn't dull.

It takes me a couple of days to pick up the thread in my writing again. Let's hope it happens today.


2paw said...

Oh that must have been a terrible surprise!! Hope the little chick is doing well. I couldn't believe it was Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent already: where does the time go???

Lacey Devlin said...

You're not alone in your mould battle if that makes you feel at all better? I'm not so sure I'm winning... :P

Darn rain is out to get us!