Wednesday, March 24, 2010

not a lot to report...

Instead of having an exciting time in Thailand, we're at Tarzali painting the inside of the house. Today we've painted the kitchen ceiling and we've undercoated one and a half walls. Exciting, huh?
Our saving grace? Audio books -- today a Minette Walker mystery. Where would our lives be without story tellers?


2paw said...

Well, as exciting as watching paint dry I expect!! I used to love listening to LOTR on the radio when I was young, and my friends often listen to books on CD when they drive long distances: HP is a favourite!! I rarely drive for longer than 15 minutes, so I just listen to the radio.

Brigitte said...

Well, our exciting time is just around the corner. Spring is at last coming to our part of the world.
It has been warm and sunny in past days and nature is waking up. Already tiny tiny leaves on the shrubs and the roses.

Mmm...means working in the garden, too. I guess that beats - painting?
But Barbara, don't overdo it...painting, I mean.

I need you to write more stories like Seth and Amy's. Unfortunately I'm nearly at the end of your latest book. Will finish it today. What a heartwarming story. Loved it.
More, please??

Barbara Hannay said...

I love the sound of your spring, Brigitte. I still dream of experiencing the four seasons.

And I'm so pleased you're enjoying Seth and Amy's story. I'll be back to writing soon, I promise, but it's good to occasionally take a break and let the muse mull over anything and everything.