Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the writing life...

I've had quite a string of visitors and happenings over the past few weeks (or is that months?) I'd begun to feel rather twitchy about all the writing I was not doing, but I think I've benefited from the break. There's a fine line between keeping up the writing habit and burning out, and there's nothing worse for a writer than feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Now, however, I've dived into a new book and it's feeling good and I'm actually feeling a little flushed, as if I'm falling in love.
Believe me, that's GREAT. Writing days aren't always like that and I might have plenty of dry gullies ahead of me, but I'll keep plugging on, hoping for more good days. Like winning the lottery, I never know when it's going to happen. Not that I've ever won the lottery -- although I have to admit, I felt as if I had on that magical Friday 13th in 1998, when an editor rang me from London.

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2paw said...

Wow, I expect that those 12 years have flown too. You have written so many lovely books!! I think time away from something you love doing makes it all the more exciting when you return to it!!