Monday, October 18, 2010

Tropical Writers Festival...

I had a fabulous weekend, catching up with the growing circle of FNQ romance writers, as well as meeting loads of new writers. Unfortunately, not everyone, who wanted to, could get into my workshop on Saturday. There'll be another, longer workshop in Townsville next Saturday, if you can possibly travel that far.

The literary dinner with Gretel Killeen as guest speaker was fun. I'd never seen her on Big Brother, so I didn't know anything about her, but those who had seen her before, weren't looking forward to her speech. Turned out she was very engaging and entertaining and clever (the BB persona was a role -- not the real GK) -- and she had lots of things to say about writing and being a woman that we can all relate to -- and she's written 27 (trashy -- her words) books. I bought "The Day My Bum Dropped".

Helene Young and I (and many others) also had book signings and I got to hold my next book (with that lovely cover) for the first time. I'm pleased to say all the copies sold out.

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