Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rescuing my hero...

Like many writers, I'm superstitious about talking about a work in progress, which is why I rarely talk about my writing process. If I say something in public, I nearly always have to eat my words. :)
And it's happened again.
The other day, I said here on this blog that by the time I get to the end of writing a book, all the fiddling is done, and it's ready to send.
Right now, I'm on Ch 11 of current manuscript, about to move into final scenes -- and I've realised I have a problem!!!! It's my hero, of all things! The most important character in any romance.
Help!! I've just realised my guy is terribly bland. I wanted him to be straightforward and uncomplicated, but I should have known that in storytelling that equates to boring. So now, I have to go back and give him a layer of complication. Luckily, the seeds are already there. I just have to bring them out more. Bring him out more.
Wish me luck!!!


Laney4 said...

Good luck!!!

2paw said...

Fix him, fix him now: water those seeds already sown and make his character grow like the blazes!!!

Lacey Devlin said...

Lots of luck!

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks everyone. Have had to travel north for a few days, but still have TWO whole days to go back and breathe more life into him. :) Sorry, "make him grow like the blazes". Will remember your instruction, 2paw.