Sunday, February 13, 2011

North Queensland Romance Writers Roadshow...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today's the day romance writers in North Queensland (or romance writers who've always wanted a good excuse to come to North Queensland) have been waiting for. Registration for the RWA North Queensland Roadshow is now open.

This one day seminar will be held at the Cairns Colonial Club on May 28th, and we're very excited that two fabulous speakers -- Anne Gracie and Kelly Hunter -- will be joining Cairns romantic suspense author Helene Young and me to give a day packed with the best writing workshops ever (in my humble opinion. -:)

I'm still on my husband's computer and blogger isn't cooperating very well, so I can't show you pictures.

The whole idea of the roadshow is to bring a conference-like experience to writers in the more remote regional areas, and as this year's annual conference is in Melbourne, RWA's president, Alison Ahearn, thoughtfully invited NQers to take up the chance to have their own event!!

Topics to be covered...
  • Not Another Sex Scene ... (or how to write really great sex scenes that deepen character, plot and conflict)
  • The bones of your story (or the vital importance of a good, strong premise)
  • World-building (no matter which sub-genre)
  • Ways to ensure a strong and layered conflict
  • Emotional punch and tension on every page
  • Dialogue and subtext
  • Panel discussions ... and much more ...

  Find out more about the Roadshow and how to register on the Romance Writers of Australia Roadshow page. And don't procrastinate... places are already filling fast.

 BTW-- anyone trying to email me right now should do so via my website email.

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Lacey Devlin said...

I'm so excited about this :) It's wonderful that NQ get to have its own event!