Friday, March 18, 2011

Have basil... will pesto...

A friend brought me this beautiful bouquet of herbs and I can't wait to make homemade pesto. Today I could almost turn  vegetarian.


2paw said...

Oh, snap!! My lovely friend gave me a big bunch of their home grown basil yesterday. Yum to pesto!!!
I'm thinking fresh tomatoes and onions from my neighbour's garden and some pasta.
I would be vegetarian except I am too lazy. It's easier to get all the things I need from a piece of meat then planning vegetarian alternatives!!
Your basil makes a beautiful display!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Oh, lovely! Hope you enjoyed your basil. We had pesto on pasta for dinner on Sat and then yesterday a friend came to lunch and brought a few prawns, so we had barbecued pesto prawns. Yummo. Followed by E's amazing homemade venison and pork sausages. Gourmet R US, at the mo.:)