Wednesday, June 08, 2011

One daughter's artistry...

Newly engaged daughter, Vicki, (see how smoothly I slipped that exciting news in?) visited us overnight, as she's up this way for her work. It was especially lovely as she woke up here on her birthday morning, yet she'll be home in Brisbane with Matt tonight.
While she was here, she took a wander with her iphone and snapped a few pics. Above is a jug of tree daisies, a gorgeous plant from my mum's garden that I've managed to grow here.

Next is the newest addition to our "farm". Two gorgeous little pigs, which I know I must think of as future dinner, but at the moment I can't resist feeding them granny smith apples.
Our view -- always so peaceful.

And the last touch of autumn. It's been a lovely, family orientated week, as last weekend we were in Brisbane for my mum's 85th birthday. Grandkids, Tom and Lucy, played us a concert on piano and cello as they've just completed their music exams and still had their pieces up to scratch. So clever! Matt cooked us amazing meals.
But now I have a book to write by the end of July!!!
Head down, fingers on keyboard...ready, set, go!

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2paw said...

Congratulations on the engagement, what wonderful news!!
Oh they are such cute little porkers!!! I know it is the cycle of life and everything but it must be hard. Granny Smith apples are delicious though.
Your family are all very artistic and how lovely to have your own special concert!!
Good luck with your writing, I hope the serene view helps you finish.