Monday, July 11, 2011

Half a year gone already...

It’s been an ongoing surprise to me that living in the country can be really quite busy. We haven’t found time for nearly as many of the quiet, relaxing activities we anticipated – like rowing on the lake, or taking walks around the lake, or simply exploring the countryside in our car.

Perhaps, because this is out first year here, fulltime, we’ve had more visitors than we will in future years, and that’s one thing that’s been lovely, but certainly kept us busy. It doesn’t help that I’m a slow writer and that I still have deadlines to meet, and that even if I sit at my computer all day (which I do on many, many days) I can only produce 1500 words max.

If I write faster than that I write rubbish and only have to delete it a few days later. For me, speed just doesn’t work.

So these are also my excuses for the slow progress of our renovations/extensions. However, I do think it’s about time I showed you what’s been happening to Cloud Cottage.

To begin with, here is my study which looks very much like my old one because I brought my desk etc with me. It's tucked behind the bedroom and has a very high ceiling and a cut-out opening in the wall through to said bedroom (for airflow). Behind me are bookshelves and a window. Some people are surprised that I don't have a view, but I don't need a view when I'm writing. It's all in my head. And a good view of my collage is more important.
  (I can't get rid of this space here)

This is our lovely new bedroom. The high ceilings (not very well shown here) help to make it feel very spacious and we just love it.
(You can click on the pics to make then bigger.)
Next to it is our bathroom, which is possibly my favourite room in the house -- it's certainly my favourite bathroom out of the many that we've had. I was standing in the shower area to take this pic. You can see we've continued to recycle old windows and furniture to keep the feeling of a country cottage.

I also love the connecting corridor between the new section and the old.

And going back to front, we now arrive at the front door. We've been busy painting the exterior walls ourselves, but a wonderful young single mum has been doing the crazy paving, which is beautiful, isn't it?

We're getting there slowly...


Lacey Devlin said...

It looks beautiful! I adore the windows and furniture. The paving is looking great too.

2paw said...

What a lovely tour of your house, you really have achieved so much and I love your office, bedroom and bathroom!! The little corridor is so sweet too. I hope you find some time this year to do take those walks or go rowing!!

Barbara Hannay said...

We've had two long morning walks in the past two days! It's a matter of getting back into the habit. Feel better already.