Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas shopping...

We're heading off to Cairns today to do our Christmas shopping. We're going via Mareeba where we'll call in at Coffeeworks, which has the most gorgeous gift shop. I said to E this morning that setting off for Christmas shopping is quite an adventure when you live in the country.

Of course, I could have done a lot of it online, but I like being in stores and touching and feeling potential gifts.
Mind you, I didn't mind Christmas shopping in the city either, when I could head downstairs from our apartment into Flinders Mall and do all my shopping within one or two blocks.
What I never enjoyed was trudging out to suburban shopping malls. Don't know why they were ever inented. They've destroyed so many city hearts.
I've also written a mountain of Christmas cards, as I missed sending them last year while we were packing up and moving.
We'll be spending Christmas with family on Magnetic Island. It's all getting close now, isn't it? Hope your preapartions are going smoothly.
Writing wise, I'm about to tackle a sex scene, so I'm quite happy to take a day off to take a deep breath before diving between the sheets. So to speak.


2paw said...

Good luck with your shopping. I did an hour's worth today, but I need to make a better list. We are lucky here as we don't really have the suburban thing happening, we have three main areas and a few more in the outer (fifteen minutes out of the city) but that's it. I saw a sign in the window of a shop saying '18 days to go' and it certainly gave me pause. Good luck with the sex scene!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

2paw, I'm almost dead on my poor sore feet. Bougt some lovely gifts, but came home and promptly ordered Fred Hollows Gift of Sight cards for some people on my list...
I know they'll agree it's money well spent.

I do like the sound of where you live.