Sunday, April 22, 2012

The big day...

All week we'd been nervous about the weather, but the day arrived fine and just a little cloudy -- perfect for an outdoor wedding up in the mountains. Preparations started early with the usual help from hairdressers and makeup artists (bless them).
Vicki was full of pent up energy and washed her car (would you believe??)
Grandkids Tom and Lucy were to play music at the wedding -- Lucy on cello and Tom on guitar and singing -- rendering a special arrangement of a Nick Drake song. Lovely.
Couldn't believe how beautiful and grownup Lucy looked. Proud Pappy in the background.

And Tom spruced up just fine with a little help from his mum.
Helping Vicki into her dress was such a special moment --she looked so gorgeous.

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2paw said...

Barbaram I have so enjoyed this glimpse into such a happy and wonderful time in your family's life. How lovely to have family involved in the ceremony. I can well believe she washed the car. I cooked a double batch of cupcakes when Gilly was at the vet and Peri and I were waiting at home: it filled in the time nicely. Vicki looks beautiful.