Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter tales...

I hope everyone's starting Easter in good spirits.
E has been away in Townsville and got back on Thursday afternoon -- too late for me to go to the PO, so my lovely editor is going to express courier my RITA books to get them to America on time for the second round of judging. But at least E got up that dreadful highway in one piece, even though he was held up for one and a half hours by accidents. Shudder.
He brought wine and prawns, so I couldn't complain.
And lovely tales from Townsville... including the fact that  Miss 6 is reading Zoe's Muster. She has a photo of herself as a bookmark and she insists that she's reading it -- she's even packed it in her bag to take to the island for Easter. We wouldn't dare to doubt her. (But don't worry about me corrupting a young mind. We know we have another story teller in the family -- the same little girl who blamed a witch when one side of her hair became mysteriously shorter.)
Anyway... I'm on another deadline, so I had to stay at my desk, but I sent Lindt bunnies for the girls, and after school Miss 6 brought hers over to E and asked: 'Is this from Nan or the Easter bunny?'
E, suspecting this was a trick question, hedged with some comment about the Easter bunny making all the eggs and delivering them to shops. 'Nan bought this one at the chocolate shop in Malanda.'
Little big girl gives a knowing grin and turns the bunny over to show the barcode on the bottom. But then she gives a nod of approval -- he got the answer right.
 E took also took this little miss out to dinner at their favourite Chinese restaurant -- just the two of them -- as her parents were busy and the twins had already left for the island. She chose her own outfit -- boots, skirt, nice top, headband -- and approved of E's clothes. At the restaurant, she knew exactly what she wanted -- a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. E was v impressed -- she ate with chopsticks, a spoon and... her hands.
When a friend of his walked in, he got up for a chat ... then E realised the friend was looking over his shoulder and grinning.  Our elegant young heroine had one boot off and her foot propped up on the table, examining an itch. :)


2paw said...

Oh , your writing is very small. Happy Easter, secret chocolate giver!!! I love the wonder of Christmas, Easter, The Tooth Fairy and so on. When I was a little girl we had Fairies. If my sister and I were good for the babysitter when my mum and dad went out, the Fairies would leave us a little treat!!
Ah, the young grow up quickly these days, for all their gauche ways!!

Barbara Hannay said...

I was only ever in one hands-on fight at school, and that was in Gr 2 with a girl who tried to tell me that Santa Claus wasn't real. I was a year younger than everyone else in my class and very naive.