Saturday, April 06, 2013

Post book...

So I handed my latest M&B in on Friday. I really enjoyed writing the story of a soldier returning from Afghanistan and I had worked steadily but surely until I got to the end, and then my mind went blank. I spent Thursday and Friday reading through the manuscript, adding and fixing and layering... and on Friday night I reached the end again...
And still my mind was blank. Would you believe I spent three hours on one paragraph?
Eventually I gave up -- ( I'd missed Dr Blake's Mysteries by then). :( I sent the book off anyhow.
Of course, on Saturday morning I was giving my kitchen a much needed cleaning and I knew in a flash exactly where I'd been going wrong with the ending.
Brains are funny things.
This morning I had a lovely time lying in bed and dreaming up my next Penguin, which will be Luke's story. I've had a few thoughts simmering away for some time, but I read an interesting article in the weekend Australian that really set ideas firing.
First... on my fridge there's a long list of post book jobs I need to do, including sending links to 54 of my books on a Piracy site. Grrr.
Meanwhile, I did enjoy watching Last Tango in Halifax (Love, love, love it!!!) and Lilyhammer last night. We had a friend over for dinner and E cooked the most amazing Moreton Bay bugs skewered with fresh figs, prosciutto and haloumi  cheese. Yum! Then we settled down to a little companionable TV gazing.

Oh, and it's Week 4 in the vegie patch, and at last we're seeing progress after a disappointing start. We discovered the secret... TRACE ELEMENTS and we could see a difference in just a few days.
And to top off the week, the Cowboys beat the Panthers 30-0 last night. Woohoo!!


2paw said...

I think our brains have a lovely long 'behind think' while we are busy doing other things. It can be so annoying though. Glad your new book is winging its way to publication though. Your garden is looking fabulous!!

2paw said...

Oh, and your blog has had a make-over, it looks lovely!!!