Friday, March 20, 2015

Catching up...

So lately I've been busy...

I attended the Australian Romance readers Conference in Canberra, which was great fun. I shared an apartment with fabulous author Kelly Hunter. Here's a pic of Kelly at the book signing.

And here's my table minus me. Writing's a very lonely job, so it was wonderful to meet so many readers.

And we had wonderful views straight across Lake Burley-Griffin to Parliament House, which was especially interesting on Sunday morning, when all these balloons floated past.

Home again, I was busy working on revisions for The Secret Years (my editor at Penguin gave me some great suggestions) while also keeping an eye on Cyclone Nathan, who was dancing all around us, keeping skies grey and gloomy for days.

I picked these delicate roses so he couldn't have them, but in the end he took off without worrying us, which was good.

Yesterday, after sending off the revised manuscript, I decided to do something with our abundance of chokos, so I made bacon and curried choko soup.

  Which was surprisingly tasty. I shouldn't mention the mess the chokos made of my hand, but intensive hand cream has made a big difference already.

Now, I'm getting ready to go away again, this time on a writing retreat to the Gold Coast, so important decisions about clothes are being made, although of course, I'll be packing books and my laptop, too.


2paw said...

We have had so many terrible weather events, I am glad you were not affected. I missed the company of children and other teachers when I had to leave work,I can imagine being a writer is a very solitary profession. It must be great to meet with other writers. Our zucchini are your chokos. Luckily The Labradors will eat them if they are grated into their breakfast. Enjoy your retreat.

Barbara Hannay said...

I missed my fellow teachers and the students terribly when I first left teaching, 2paw. So I really value this group of writing mates.and