Saturday, January 09, 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm on deadline, hence the slow start to the year on this blog, but I hope it's going to be a wonderful year for you, bringing you good health and a deep sense of satisfaction from your achievements.

In terms of my books, I've had a great start with a new book straight out of the blocks on New Year's Day.

The Husband She'd Never Met is an amnesia story, just like my very first romance Outback Wife and Mother, published in 1999, only this time it's the heroine who has amnesia. 

I love giving my characters problems I'd hate to have to deal with in real life. The story was a lot of fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

In Australia, you can buy it from Booktopia as a Forever Duo with Christy McKellen's debut book Unlocking the Boss's Heart, or you can buy it as a stand alone ebook from all the usual places.

I should mention I've bought lots of books from Booktopia and they are fabulous to deal with. Super professional.

In other book news this month, three of my favourite stories are now available on Kindle for just

S1.50.  Outback with the Boss won a Romantic Time's Reviewer's Choice Award and A Bride at Birralee was a finalist in the Romantic Book of the Year. the other story is the cutie, Outback Baby. So why not grab a bargain?

I still love to read physical books, but I also enjoy reading books on my iPad, especially when I'm travelling and I've installed the Kindle app, so I have a choice of places to purchase. I'm still in awe of that one click buy. So incredibly easy and such a luxury to lie in bed with a cup of tea and buy books. 


2paw said...

Oh I would love to be a tablet reader, but I can't read very much on my ipad at all. Thank you for the reminder, I need to buy your book tomorrow. I can't wait to read it. I always feel jealous of the people who have never read any of your books, and discover they like you: they have sooo many great books to read. I am glad for them too. I just wait impatiently for the next one.
Happy New Year and a wiggly waggly tail from Lorelai Gilmore.

Barbara Hannay said...

Oh, what a lovely thing to say, 2paw. I'm sending my heartfelt thanks from FNQ.
And a Happy new year to you and to the wiggly waggly Lorelai Gilmore.

2paw said...

It has been unbearable hot and we have had such awful bushfire and palls of smoke: we have been hiding inside, so I only bought your book on Monday. Oh, it was wonderful and I had an almost tear when I read about Clover - Lorelai Gilmore is very happy, but Clover reminded me of Peri with her loyalty and enthusiasm!! I always secretly hope that there will be a story for one of the secondary characters, like Sally?? I, of course, thoroughly enjoyed the epilogue.

Barbara Hannay said...

Yes, I know the bushfires in northern Tasmania have been bad. I have a cousin living at Chudleigh. Let's hope the recent rain has solved that problem.
I'm so glad you enjoyed over this story and that you appreciated the inclusion of a Golden Lab -- they're such beautiful dogs, as you very well know. Thanks!!