Friday, June 30, 2017

In YOURS magazine


In the latest edition of YOURS magazine, there's a lovely article about my country garden. Huge thanks to journalist Heather Grant.


2paw said...

Oh how lovely, and I can read the Yours magazine through my Library Zinio thing. I also have forgotten to say how much I enjoyed your ballerina book Reunited By The Baby Bombshell so much. I so love a story where a couple is reunited!! I am looking forward to your new book, can't wait!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks 2paw. The ballerina book was important to me, because I had a ballerina heroine in my very first book (which later became Outback Wife and Mother) but M&B told me their readers don't relate to ballerinas and could I change her to a fashion designer. Now, they seem to have changed their minds. :) And if you like reunion stories I think there's something in The Country Wedding you'll really enjoy. Hope you are well. And the Labs? B xx

2paw said...

Thank you, The Labradors are both very well, Lorelai Gilmore has had a year of special treatment for her auto immune illness and is fighting fit. Hedy Lamarr is a grown up body with a puppy brain. They are lively. I was a ballet student until I was seventeen and went to Uni. My favourite book was Ballet Shoes. I can't understand why they thought it would be unpopular? Ballet is right up there with ponies and netball!!!