Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's time...

I think it's time I tidied my office. I mean, how long can I hide behind the excuse that I'm too busy?

I've finished the book. I've been away for a break. I'm in the early stages of another book. Any minute now, I'll be so involved in that book I'll think I'm too busy to tidy.

And my office is so bad that I'm not even game to show you how it looks. No, that is not mine pictured above.

My printer is still covered in the manuscript from my last book. My cork board fell down from the wall about a month ago and it's still propped on the sofa along with the collage from the last book, as well as my Alpha Smart and about twenty books. There's a scattering of photographic equipment and foreign editions and books, books books everywhere. One thing's certain, I really need to buy another bookcase. Oh, and a bigger office. Maybe like the one above - but with bookcases?

Funny though -- how quickly we get used to having such things as an office. Until my children left home, I never had more than a corner of the bedroom, or a small desk in the foyer right next to the front door. And I was very productive and much tidier then.

I might show you a photo when this office is tidy. Now that's incentive. And if the feng shui theory is correct, my work will be much more effective in a tidy office, too. Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

For a ghastly moment, until I read the text, I thought the photo WAS your immaculate office. Both mine are in a permament state of chaos, though I'm not an untidy person in ordinary life. But I think it's very hard for writers not to pile up masses of reference material etc.

Barbara Hannay said...

Lovely to hear from you, Anne. Glad to know you have the same problem. I like a tidy house, too. But I do find little mountains of books and sheafs of paper lying about the place rather comforting.