Saturday, March 03, 2007

City life...

There really are some wonderful things about living in the heart of the city. I've seen several movies in the last few weeks and I just walk two blocks to the cinema. Also our Townsville Cinema group has started up again for this year. I actually have to drive to that theatre (gasp!), but they serve the yummiest choc top ice creams and the movie was superb. "Live and become" about an Ethiopian boy whose mother sends him with Jewish refugees to Israel. He is adopted there by an Israeli family and it's the story of his life and adjustment. It doesn't sound too exciting, I know, but believe me it was riveting and so poignant, I cried.

Early tomorrow morning, I'm doing one of my very favourite things -- jumping on a plane and heading south. And today was frantic, with so many last minute purchases to be made before packing. But how cool is it to be able to walk to the end of my block and find an ATM, a newsagency, a chemist, a bottle shop and bakery, a hairdresser and a supermarket?

Yes, I do love the convenience of city life when I'm here, but then in the country I love that, too. I'm a typical Pisces -- 2 fish with their tails tied together, swimming in opposite directions.

And the city's not all good. We are currently collecting samples of soot on our balcony to be tested, as Elliot's concerned about pollution from the port.

On the plane I'll be reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". I sneaked a look at the first few pages and I can't wait to read the lot. I'm sure it's my kind of book.

Will be back in five days, but may post before then.

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2paw said...

Have a great trip. I love living in a city right near the country. All the joys of city life with the bush and country towns close by. Best of both worlds!!! We had a big rally here today about a potentially air and water polluting mill- just when we are all being encouraged to have rain water tanks. Sometimes I just can't figure out what our governments are doing!!!