Monday, February 26, 2007

Seduced by the Playboy

For those readers who may have missed my novel Her Playboy Challenge, this book is being reissued in the UK in a By Request 3 in 1 called Seduced by the Playboy.

Her Playboy Challenge was a RITA finalist in 2004 and the winner of the R*BY (Romantic Book of the Year Award) in 2005.

Here's the blurb: Jen Summers has been left in charge of a PR company for two weeks -- not a problem, she thinks, until a gorgeous stranger arrives in her office -- with her little niece in tow! Jen has no idea how she'll juggle being a temporary 'mum' and holding down a glamorous new job... Then her sexy stranger decides to give her a helping hand. Harry Ryder is used to helping women into bed -- not with small children. But Jen is caring, shy, and Harry just can't help himself. In fact, the more Jen insists they're not suited, the more Harry finds that he doesn't want to be a playboy any more... he wants a wife!

You can order the book online from Mills and Boon
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allyblake said...

Congrats Barb! This is truly one of my very faves of yours. Adore it to bits. My original copy was leant to someone and never came back, so I was very thankful it came out again as a R*BY book as well.

Anytone out there who hasn't bought and read this book. Do!!! Harry is just a dream.