Monday, February 05, 2007

Rain and revisions

We're having a little bit of weather up here.

It's been raining non stop since I last posted. The roads are cut to the north, south and west and the supermarkets are running out of a lot of produce. Luckily, I drink Lite Milk and it hasn't all gone yet, but the fruit and veg is running low. Now there's a cyclone hovering off Cairns and another in the Gulf and here in Townsville the skies are very black and very threatening.
Meanwhile, I'm in the revision cave with Sophie and Mark. But I like revising, getting another chance to bring out the best in my story, so I'm happy.
Wish we could send some of our rain down south where it's desperately needed.


2paw said...

I saw on the ABC news last night that there were floods. Some toens have been cut off for over a fortnight and the armed forces were dropping food etc. Yes, we need the rain, we have record lows in our rivers and dams.
Good luck with the revisions and hope the waters recede soon!!

Phillipa said...

Barbara - I hope you stay safe. You will have to resort to wine if the milk runs out! And good luck with the revisions - you are right, they are a great chance to make a good book even better. ;)