Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I’ve been tagged by fellow Aussie romance author, glamorous mum-to-be, Nicola Marsh. So, now that I’ve finally put Sophie and Mark to bed. (Tee hee – I’m talking in the publishing terms here) I’ve thrown together ten random things about me.

1. My favourite food is porridge with milk and honey!

But I don’t eat it all the time. I LOVE fruit and my favourite fruit is a luscious, chilled mango. Apart from that, I like peasant food – anything that goes well with crusty bread, especially rich casseroles and thick soups – oh, and cheese.

2. I love adagios – especially slow movements in violin concertos and string quartets.

3. I very much admire a friend, who is an International peace negotiator for the abolition of land mines.

4. We’ve had very few pets – four children took up most of my energy – but I do like dogs and cats. I think I prefer cats and for the very lazy reason that they take less looking after.

5. I dream about living in a big European city like Paris, Madrid or Rome for a whole year.

6. I want to be Rosamunde Pilcher when I grow up.

7. I feel very nostalgic about this photo of a corner of my garden. This was at the Townsville house we lived in for more than twenty years and where we raised our children.

8. If I wasn’t a teacher or a writer, I would have loved to have been an actress, or an artist.

9. The things I miss most about my childhood are singing with my sisters and dreaming in my parents’ garden.

10. I love rainy days and to spend them eating apples while curled in an armchair reading.

OK, so I tag Cindy2paw and Ally Blake and Liz Fielding


Nicola Marsh said...

"Glam mum to be?"
Oh Barb, you are too kind :)
If you could only see me now, trying to keep cool with big belly in this stifling humidity!!

allyblake said...

Bar, I loooved that picture! So beautiful. And if you move to Paris or Rome or wherever for a year, consider me coming to visit, okay?

Hubby and I are planning on Lake Como so you guys can visit us there. Sound fair?

Ally (taken up the tagging challenge)

Liz Fielding said...

I loved the picture of the garden, Barb. There is just something so appealing about an open gate ...

An invitation, but who from?

Liz -- tag noted!