Saturday, February 10, 2007

Post Script to Larry

Following on from my report about the post cyclone Larry book delivery, I now have a possible explanation for why it took so long for the library to be rebuilt. The weekend papers have announced that the Queensland Government has sacked the entire Innisfail Council. Apparently they weren't up to scratch before Larry, but their handling of poor Innisfail's post Larry problems has been abysmal.
I must say the librarians were very circumspect, never once dissing on their councillors. At least they now have some wonderful romance books. Let's hope that cheers some readers!!!

On the revision front, I'm making progress, (more emotion, more conflict -- how could I have forgotten my usual care to have tension on every page?)

But the revisions have been seriously hampered by DH's birthday celebrations. The family decided this was a fairly significant b'day. Not one that ends with a zero, but significant nevertheless. We've had three nights of celebrations -- in a restaurant on Thursday, Friday night drinks with friends and workmates on the riverbank and then last night the Great Townsville Takeaway dinner party, with roast ducks from a Chinese restaurant, Thai and Indian family favourites, plus layered chocolate cake.
Was fun, but took its toll on my writing. And my waistline.
Back to normality today, I hope.

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Barbara Hannay said...

This is just a test to see what happens when I comment, now that they've changed me to beta.
I resisted for ages, but the day came when I had no choice, but to change over.
Hope others can post here easily if they wish to.