Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Choir of Hard knocks

Who's been watching this fabulous documentary on the ABC on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.? I'm not sure that I've enjoyed any television show more. I've been ringing my daughters (one's a music teacher and the other an Occupational Therapy student) and urging them to watch it too.
Talk about inspiring!
The Choir of Hard Knocks is conducted by Jonathan Welch, a former tenor with Opera Australia, and its members are the homeless and the disadvantaged in Melbourne. Singing in the choir gives them a focus, a way to feel good about themselves and to kick their dependencies. The progression of their singing is impressive, the songs they sing are very appealing and you haven't missed out completely, because there are still two episodes to be shown.
If you are Australian, do yourself a favour, watch this and I swear you will feel all warm and fuzzy.
It's not soppy or sentimental. It's REAL and honest and just wonderful.
I understand that Jonathan had already launched a similar Street Choir in Sydney.
I would have loved this show anyhow, but one particular (and possibly bizarre) reason I'm interested (apart from the fact that I LOVE choirs) is that my heroine, Simone, from my next book NEEDED: HER MR. RIGHT goes the extra mile to help street kids. She raises money by cycling through the Himalayas and she teaches swimming every week to three Sydney street kids.
OK, I know Simone is a figment of my imagination.
Did I say that?
Ouch, I'm sorry, Simone.
I think I'll quit this blog tonight while I'm ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't they amazing, and was it last week that Jimmy Barnes sang with them?? I have heard their story on the ABC radio before now too.
Truth is stranger than fiction!!!