Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My next cover

As you can imagine, a category romance writer holds her breath when she opens a box of new books. This will be her first glimpse of her new cover. Will it look anything like the images she held in her imagination during that long, arduous process of bringing the story to life?

The answer is... sometimes...

There have been occasions when I've winced and wanted to curl in the foetal position. This is the image that's supposed to sell my book?

But , happily, this is mostly not the case. Actually, since Harlequin Romance launched its latest covers, they've been outstanding. Opening that box has been a thrill!!

And discovering the cover for NEEDED: HER MR. RIGHT, book #2 in the Secrets We Keep trilogy (which I've written in conjunction with Liz Fielding and Jackie Braun) was a very happy moment.

Here 'tis -
Very soon, I'll post an excerpt.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful cover!! They have done an excellent job!!!

Anonymous said...

Barb - I keep trying to comment but my blog account is very dodgy. I love the new cover.