Thursday, June 14, 2007

What have I been doing in the city?

I know I was getting a bit ahead of myself by already posting covers and excerpts for Needed: Her Mr. Right when it won’t be available for another couple of months. Can you guess I was desperate to put something on my blog, but couldn’t think?

That’s because I’ve had my head down, nose to the grindstone, writing hard, and I haven't wanted to think about much except my characters and their story which has an end of the month deadline.

But you may wonder how my life differs when I’m in the city from in the country. No 1 difference is that I write more and am not so distracted by the glorious outdoors – although I do like to go for a daily walk, often along Townsville’s gorgeous Strand. I do more family stuff in the city – playing with granddaughter Lilly is Very Important Business. We were recently kept busy helping No #4 offspring get ready for six months in Japan.

But we also indulge in a little more ‘culture’ in the city. We go to cinema group to watch Art House movies, which I adore. And we also watch them on DVD. Just recently, I’ve watched DVDs of the wonderful German movie ‘Goodbye Lenin’, an amazing Russian movie called ‘The Return’, Noi the Albino, which is a fascinating and moving Icelandic film, and Chalte, Chalte an entertaining Indian Bollywood production.

Oh, and we saw Dancenorth’s latest production Roadkill, a truly innovative and breathtaking, suspense filled piece about a couple stranded on an Outback road.

So I’m being stimulated and my creative well is running over and I’m happy…


2paw said...

Of course Lilly is a VIP and VIB!! I like living where I live because we get the City and the Bush in one place. I can see wallabies and galahs in the bush and then be at the cinema or shops in a few minutes!!! I have not seen your films, but I know David and Margaret liked 'The Return'.

Barb said...

Cindy, where you live sounds lovely. Just between you and me and the gate post, I'd love something like that too. But I must admit I do find living two lifestyles is fun.