Friday, September 14, 2007

Townsville's Strand

One of my city's biggest attractions is our beautiful Strand and at the moment, for twelve days, ephemeral 'sculptures' are on display for us to enjoy. I thought I'd share some with you. Above is a "postcard" complete with chalk and duster, so that we can write our own message. That's Magnetic Island in the background.

This is one of the sculptures -- a woven boat and in the background, you can see the fishing pier.

I love this chair made from soft coral. Makes me think of Sue Monk Kidd's The Mermaid's Chair.

These are massive lamingtons made by my friend, Townsville artist, Sylvia Ditchburn. For those of you who don't know what lamingtons are, they are an Aussie favourite at any picnic and often sold for fund raisers -- squares of sponge dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.

How gorgeous is this driftwood crocodile?

This was Elliot's favourite. Hmmm.... But it is clever, isn't it?

In this photo, you can see the permanent "sculptures" of silver coconuts on the ground -- some of them quite suitable for sitting on. And, in the background, ephemeral box jelly fish. Of course, there are many more sculptures -- about thirty in total, but these were among my favourites.

No Aussie beach is complete without a life guards' lookout -- even if there's no surf because our shores are protected by the Great Barrier Reef.

To put the Strand in perspective, if you turn from your view of Magnetic Island and look behind you, you see Castle Hill, a huge shoulder of pink granite. This photo's perspective hides the suburb of North Ward which sits between the hill and the sea.


Margaret Mayo said...

Barbara, this brings back memories of my stay in Townsville in 2000. I think about it often because it's such a lovely place - and you took me to a fantastic place for lunch too!

Nicola Marsh said...

Barb, the pics of Townsville are gorgeous.
Must visit one day soon!

Barb said...

Margaret, You must come back. Townsville has gone ahead in leaps and bounds since 2000. And Nic, we'd love to see you up this way. Make sure you let us know if it's on the agenda!