Saturday, September 29, 2007

away in the country...

I know I've been rather slack here, but the truth is, I've been more or less in retreat mode, tucked away in the country and writing hard. When I haven't been writing I've been weeding (we have endless weeds here) or planning future extensions (because we really do want to come and live here, we've decided).
This planning is great fun and involves lying down on the grass, where we think out future bed might be and checking out the view/ line of sight etc.
While we were here we also had ground excavated for a shed -- a two door garage, which will really help with storage!!
I'm having great fun with my current story, but put all that aside this weekend for a VIP visitor -- Lilly!!
This was her first visit to Tarzali and she had great fun.

The new pad awaiting extensions provided a great place to try out her walker, but there's nothing quite like the simple fun of playing in a "bath" outdoors. And of course Lilly got to meet Belle, our neighbour's beefalo calf, whose birth last December was recorded on this blog. Oh, and she met other cows and a pig, the farmer's dogs and chooks and young Brian (pictured). Now she knows what a real "moo" sounds like!


2paw said...

It seems like only yesterday that Lilly was a baby and now she is a person!!!
What a great thing to be able to live in a place that you love. It will be lots of fun organising and doing!!!
I meant to ask before, does Tarzali have a meaning?? I may have forgotten if you have already said so!!!

Barb said...

Tarzali is actually the name of the little township. (Very, very little) It's Aboriginal and means water gum. We have several water gums planted, but we think we'll call our house Tree Fern Cottage. Not madly original, but it's appropriate.

Nicola Marsh said...

What a great experience for Lilly. Can't believe how much she's grown!! She's such a cutie :)