Thursday, October 04, 2007


Am chugging along with WIP -- about half way through and really enjoying writing something a little lighter.
Yesterday, I snuck out of my writing cave for half and hour and bought a cupboard from a local antique shop to use for storing towels in the bathroom at Tarzali. It's a very fresh pale green and cream (favourite colours of mine), and the shelves and inside walls are lined with pretty green and cream floral paper and I love it.
There don't seem to be nearly as many antique shops around as there used to be. I've always loved old furniture. Elliot and I bought our first piece -- an English oak dressing table, before we were married. I still remember the price -- $28.
But perhaps antiques are a baby boomer thing. I know my mother never liked old furniture and the young generation aren't really into them either.
It's getting very hot here -- very enervating. Everyone I know is tired. It happens every spring in the tropics. With the first hot days we feel really flattened and then somehow, our bodies must adjust, as we manage to soldier on through the summer.

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