Monday, October 08, 2007

A sneak preview

Thanks to the lovely readers who've sent emails about Needed: Her Mr. Right. It was huge fun to work with Liz and Jackie on that trilogy.

The hardbacks for my next book The Bridesmaid's Best Man arrived last week and I dutifully posted them off to my mum and my daughters.

This book, my 25th!, will be out in the UK and USA in January and in ANZ in February (I think). If out in Feb, I think the cover has a definite Valentine feel.
It's very pretty, isn't it -- rather like what I was hoping for, although my hero, Mark, looks a little too narrow shouldered and thin chested for an Outback cattleman. And my heroine, Sophie, is supposed to have milk white English skin and glossy curling hair.

Here's what the back cover tells you...

Sundown in the Outback

As the shadows grow long and the sun melts behind the hills it's just another day for cattleman Mark Winchester. But nothing has been the same since he was best man at a wedding in London six weeks ago and met bridesmaid Sophie Felsham...

A rainy morning in London

On the other side of the world, city girl Sophie is about to make the most difficult phone call of her life. The one beautiful night she shared with rugged Mark has resulted in pregnancy -- and now it's time to tell Mark that he's going to be the father of her child...


Phillipa said...

Hi Barbara, the new romance covers are lovely but I agree, your new hero isn't quite as rugged as some of your cattlemen. At least you have a real man on there, not a cartoon!
P x
(not here to mention - cough - the rugby... honest)

Barb said...

But the cartoon characters are more acceptable covers for reading on the train, aren't they?
And, Phillipa, you're welcome to mention the rugby. We Aussies can take an occasional defeat. Congrats to your team.
Barb (who prefers rugby league, anyway and can't understand those scrum collapses in union.)

Nicola Marsh said... the sound of this one, Barb.
And the cover is very romantic.

Anonymous said...

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