Friday, December 07, 2007

One of those weeks...

I haven't had much to tell you this week. Apart from the Elton excitement, it's been one of those plod, plod weeks where I'm still waiting to hear about the manuscript I submitted and my new story is slowly, slowly starting to take shape. The characters are coming to me through the mist, gathering shape and colour and substance. I written almost forty pages. With lots and lots of rewriting!!!

And, of course, whenever I discover something new about my characters, I have to go back and feed that layer in to the relevant part of the story, so there's a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. But I love that!

I'm trying to get as much of this story as possible down before Christmas, because from Christmas till mid Feb it will be family, family, family all the way. (Lovely!) But some stories take their own sweet time to grow. I have good vibes about this story, however. One thing's certain. It will have masses of sensual tension.

For now I need patience to let these characters and their setting and their mood continue to evolve and come fully alive in my head. Problem is, I think patience is the hardest thing to learn -- but possibly the most important. After all, impatience is really all about wishing our lives away. How crazy is that?

Meantime, I'd like to show you a few shots of Tarzali from last week.

Each time we go to Tarzali there are surprises -- always something new. Trees may have changed colour or come into flower. Birds or animals come and go. This time the Papuan frogmouth owl was back, calling his soft whoo, whoo, whoo from the cutting in the evenings.

And when we arrived, this carpet python was lying across the track at the front gate to greet us. I promise he's harmless. He was quite sleepy in the sun and didn't want to move.

These orchids were in flower for the first time! They are grown from pieces of one my mum's orchids and I was thrilled to have flowers at last. Other orchids (natives growing on tree trunks) were flowering too.

This photo shows why this area is called the Misty Mountains. It was taken in the late afternoon.

And how's this for an omen ? ... a rainbow over our extensions (in progress).


Annie Doyle said...

Hi Barb
Glad to hear the story is progressing at last.
Love your photos and info about your garden. Well done - stone fruit in the tropics! I have that orchid out too, though mine are nearly finished now. I put a carpet python in my m/script but he will most likely be 'cut' at some stage as he doesn't progress the story one little bit!
My brother went to Elton John in Townsville and he loved it too. I am having a break from writing and editing while he is visiting. My brother, not Elton!! haha
Regards Annie

Barbara Hannay said...

Annie, You can keep the carpet snake in your ms as long as he reappears. If he comes backs a third time, however, he must have deep significance in the story. e.g. and this is a quick thought off the top of my head, he could be used as a measure of your heroine's growth -- increasing bravery, or her acclimatisation to new conditions.
Don't throw him out till you've given him a little more thought!