Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Unreliable blogger

I'm sorry I haven't posted for over a week. We took a lot of photos at Tarzali and I wanted to share them with you, but we forgot to take the little gadget that transfers the photos to the computer.
Had a lovely time up there, planted lots more trees and it rained to give them a really good start. We have peaches coming on and plums. V exciting to be able to grow stone fruit in the tropics.
And we have a roof on our extension!
Did I get much writing done? I hear you ask.
Some. I finally have a start and I know where I'm heading with my characters and I like them.
Came back for the Elton John concert in Townsville.
I am now so inspired.

I haven't been an especially keen Elton fan. He started during the seventies when I was busy having babies, so I just didn't have time to be a fan. But when I heard that such a huge star was coming up here for the first time, I wanted to see him -- to see what a truly great performer is like on stage. And I have to say he was magnificent. He kept 21,000 people (the biggest audience he's had in Australia) riveted for two and a half hours with just his voice and his piano and his passion and his talent. Amazing.

I feel as if I learned something about pleasing an audience -- giving people what they want in spades with a surprise thrown in here and there. Not that I'm suggesting I can do that.

But he was definitely inspiring. And I really want to write today.


2paw said...

Glad to hear your writing is going along nicely now. Elton was here too!! I went to see him with my friends and he was fantastic. We were totally entertained for 2 1/2 hours too and we all sang along, all 15,000 of us. He may be older, but he hasn't lost that special quality that makes him a star. I think he is a musical star in the old fashioned sense: it was all about him and his music and no cheap thrills. I had to keep pinching myself to check her was really on tthe stage in front of us!!

Barbara Hannay said...

I read that he was heading for Launceston after Townsville and I wondered if you went. Glad you enjoyed it.
I loved that he didn't have a band and had to use the piano so much more. Brilliant!