Sunday, February 03, 2008

My 25th Book!!!

I guess it's a measure of how distracted by life and family I've been that I haven't mentioned my cause for celebration. The Bridesmaid's Best Man, which was on sale on the UK and North America last month and is on sale in Australia and New Zealand this month, is my 25th book!!!!

Last year when I was in Sydney, London editor Sheila Hodgson presented me with a lovely pin to acknowledge this and now, belatedly, I'm planning a competition to celebrate.

You can either post here that you'd like to enter, or if that's a bit daunting, you can send me an email to barb n elliot @ (no spaces). Put BRIDESMAID in the subject and you can be in the draw to win a signed copy of this latest release or another book from my backlist (Because you've already rushed out and bought Bridesmaid, haven't you?)

I've had some nice feedback about Sophie and Mark's story. I hope you enjoy it, too.

P.S. I hope placing this address like that won't bring me endless spam. If I notice a problem, I'm afraid I'll have to think of something else. I'm totally inundated with spam from my website's email address and I'm sure I've missed some mail from readers. Sorry if you were one of them.


Annie Doyle said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this story!! Would especially love to win it, but if not then I will hunt it down!! LOL Congrats on 25th book and nice that London recognised it with a pin, too.
Regards Annie

Barb said...

Nice to hear from you, Annie. Your name's in the hat. Good luck!!

2paw said...

Congratulation of your 25th book!!!
It is a lovely book as well!!

Margaret Mayo said...

Barbara, I've just finished reading this book. It was superb as always. I didn't realise it was your twentyfifth, though. Congratulations. Way back in 2000 when we met I feel sure you said you'd written four then. So well done! Keep up the good work.

Barb said...

Cindy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. You are such a widely read romance fan, I truly value your opinion.
And yours, too Margaret. Thank you! I remember that in 2000 you had written 63 books!!!
I was in awe then, am still in awe now. Can't imagine what your total must be now. A fantastic achievement.

Eleni said...

Barb, Congratulations on your 25th book!!! What a great achievement. And here's to another 25!