Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dark moments

I'm at that point in my current story where the slow build of a warm and sweet romance must be torn apart.

Can you feel my pain? I know once I get into it I will probably quite enjoy the drama and the emotional tension of this "dark moment", but right now, I'd just like to leave my couple kissing and kissing and getting all steamy...

Oh, well...
Meanwhile, E is still away at Tarzali. Apparently he excelled himself in his culinary efforts on the weekend. He steamed a duck and then smoked it over Nerada tea leaves and his guests were so impressed they left with the carcass, to turn it into some clever kind of dip, which they then invited him to their place to enjoy. Don't country folk have fun?

See what I'm missing out on by staying back in the city, chained to my computer, and obediently tapping away? Let's hope my muse rewards me with loads of inspiration today.

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2paw said...

Oh, I'm hoping for a Non-Romeo and Juliet ending!!! I am pretty sure I remember that you have dreaded this dark moment before!
Clever E!! Thee is quite a lot of tea smoking of fish here, and I saw The Two Fat Ladies investigating it too.
Happy Writing!!