Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Society Weddings

Who doesn't love a royal wedding?

I can remember playing "princesses" for hours as a child. My princesses and their ladies in waiting were frangipani flowers. Did you know that if you turn a frangipani upside down it becomes a beautiful ballerina in a tutu, or a princess in a pure white gown with a lovely slender neck and neat little head?

No wonder I loved the chance to create my own Princess Isabella. But of course, I couldn't let her sit around, twiddling her thumbs, in a white ball gown. I had to send her into the Outback, and not to somewhere pleasant, such as a comfortable cattle station homestead.

Fleeing for her life, poor Isabella ends up in the true wilderness of the Northern Territory, where she stumbles upon Jack Kingsley-Laird, a widower, retreating from life.

If you missed this story, don't despair. (You were about to fall into deep despair, weren't you?)
Now, Princess in the Outback has been reprinted in a special By Request edition with Liz Fielding's An Ordinary Princess and Barbara McMahon's The Tycoon Prince.

You can find out more details about each book on the Mills and Boon website. Or read an excerpt from Princess in the Outback on the Past Releases page of my website.

Or you can buy it here.

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Liz Fielding said...

Oh, the scent of frangipani, Barbara! We don't have it here in the UK, but when I lived in Africa... Sigh...