Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our year in the country begins...

Dear Blog friends,

I've been quiet for the past week because we've busy completing the big shift! But we are now officially living in the country and making occasional trips back to the city, instead of the other way round.
And I am now working from a lovely new laptop in a neat little new guest bedroom/ office. And I have wireless broadband!! Yay!

We've painted the dining room and the internal wall that has no stained glass windows is now a very deep and STRONG rose pink. I took a day to get used to it, but now I love it. (After all I am a romance writer, so what other colour is there?) Photos to follow.

We've already Christened the dining room with one guest, have more coming tomorrow night (will cook my favourite casserole beef bourignon and favourite winter dessert -- caramel apples -- let me know if you'd like the recipes). And then proper house guests arrive on Thursday, so am a tad busy, fitting in writing and preparations for SF. Luckily, I like to get up early and write while it's still dark.
Today we've had mizzle, which is Tablelands for misty rain, but it's lovely writing weather and our tanks have almost filled, so I don't think I need to feel guilty about long hot showers.

Will keep in touch. Hope you're all well!


2paw said...

Oh how wonderful!! It's all very 'A Year in Provence' or the Chef goes to France with his family show that was on the ABC!! You could be a book!!! Would you believe my dinig room is a very dark pink mauvey colour?? I like it too, it is warm and cosy and not green!!!
Caramel apples sound delicious!!!
We have mizzle here too. I am glad your tank is filling up. We've only had 14mm of rain so far this month, but things are quite green!! Happy Sabbatical!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Enjoy the move, Barb.
Sounds wonderful :)