Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back to earth...

Coming back to reality after the most amazing quick trip to Brisbane for (squeee) a Simon and Garfunkel concert.

Forty years ago (in the days when the flats I shared with fellow teachers dripped with candles in Chianti bottles and we stirred our coffee with cinnamon sticks, and we ironed our hair to try to straighten it, and had fondue parties) I bought my very first S&G LP (that's a long playing record for those of you who are too young to know such things).
I also used to teach Simon and Garfunkel songs as poems to my English classes and I lurrrved Simon and Garfunkel's music -- the beautiful, haunting harmonies, the evocative imagery, the emotion, the witty rebellion, the youthful angst, the intellectualism. Loved it all.
Never dreamed that forty years later I'd be sitting at their feet -- but we had front row seats in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Wednesday night (what a shock when the usher led us to the front row!) and we loved every second of their concert -- all the old favourites, plus a few new, with all their fabulous backup artists.
During the applause that brought on two lots of encores, E gave Paul Simon a thumbs up and Paul actually looked E in the eye and returned the thumbs up. Swoon. How intimate is that? It was a night to remember. Occasional notes had been changed to accomodate aging voices (They're 68, after all) but on the whole they sounded as wonderful as ever -- even Art Garfunkel, with all those difficult soaring, high harmonies. Quite amazing really.
OK, count me as totally inspired. I'm back to work today. (Promise!)
Favourite song of the night? By a very, very narrow margin...
For Emily, whenever I might find her...
What a dream I had
Pressed in organdy
Clothed in crinoline
Of smoky burgundy
Softer than the rain
I wandered empty streets
Down past the shop displays
I heard cathedral bells
Tripping down the alleyways
As I walked on
And when you ran to me
Your cheeks flushed with the night
We walked on frosted fields
Of juniper and lamplight
I held your hand
And when I woke
And felt you warm and near I kissed your honey hair
With my grateful tears
Oh I love you girl
Oh I love you


Magdalena Scott said...

What a wonderful night! I'm so glad you go to do this, Barbara! And so glad it shared it with us...

JoyfullyHis said...

We are green with envy! When I was in school, our marching band played S&G and I fell in love. I love imagery and haunting melodies and they've got it. That's amazing that you were that close! I know it's a night that you'll always remember.