Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Comfort reads...

I've currently bypassed my TBR pile to return to an old friend -- over one thousand pages of Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher. She's still my all time comfort read. Unfortunately, she's now in her mid eighties and has stopped writing, but did you know she started out by writing for Mills and Boon?

I might have told this story before (deadline tends to fuzz the brain) but I first discovered Rosamunde Pilcher via a magazine story about her house, while I was staying in a cottage in France. It was just after I'd sold my first book to Mills and Boon and I'd been to London to meet the editors. I bought The Shell Seekers in Rome airport on the way home. All these details seemed to add to her magic for me -- and then there's the way she brings Cornwall and the north of Scotland to life. Books with a keen sense of place are my favourites. What about you? Do you have a favourite author or type of book that you find yourself returning to every so often, because you love the comfort of their story world?


Magdalena Scott said...

OMIGOSH! I LOVE Rosamunde Pilcher! I really think I was born on the wrong side of the ocean, not to mention way too far from the ocean. (Indiana. We're definitely inland.)

I completely intended to re-read WINTER SOLSTICE in December, but then I missed the season and couldn't bring myself to read it at the wrong time of year. I did pull out SLEEPING TIGER, and sighed a huge sigh--again--at the end.

And of course I simply want to live in Porthkerris, because of Ms. Pilcher's stories set there.

Sigh again. Oh dear. But NO, I didn't realize she started out with Mills & Boon. How interesting!

Barbara Hannay said...

I've reread Winter Solstice several times. As we don't have seasons, it doesn't matter when. :)) Love it to bits -- almost convinced E that we should go and live in the north of Scotland for a year. But then I chickened out.
It's still a dream, but RP's books keep me going in the meantime.

2paw said...

I think I have read some short stories, a book of them?? They were good. In truth, I usually read my Anne McCaffrey books: she has a mood and an emotion to suit every occasion!!

Liz Fielding said...

The Shell Seekers is a magic book, Barb. I clearly need to read more RP. I did know she started out with M&B, though. It would be interesting to find one of those old books. Some date horribly, but a great emotional journey lives forever.