Thursday, July 22, 2010

A new author...

During a phone conversation with my mum this week I learned about a new (to me) author -- Marcia Willett. Many of you have probably already read her books, but Mum mentioned that she was similar to Rosamunde Pilcher and that was enough for me to be on the search.
I ordered one MW book from the Book Depository and another from iTunes to download onto my ipod and this week I've had a wonderful time listening to The Children's Hour while I've been walking or doing a spot of housework, or even simply lying in bed.

Until today... when I was only half way through the story and my ipod died.

What is it with me and audio books? First my car CD player  broke, so I bought a special cable to connect my ipod to the car radio frequency and now no ipod either. Maybe the universe is telling me to stick with reading -- or even to think about getting an ebook reader. Still haven't dipped my toe in that water yet.

Anyway... a trip to the library scored me two more Marcia Willett books, and I think I might read in bed tonight rather than watching TV. E's away on another Tarzali BBQ working bee,  and I'll be minding the twins for a sleepover tomorrow night while their parents go to a wedding, so tonight will be just for me.

Tomorrow's another FNQ writers' gathering and we'll be discussing, among other things, how to avoid cliches in our writing. Rather a noble focus, I thought.

Back to Marcia Willett -- I still haven't finished one of her books, but I've certainly enjoyed what I've encountered so far -- beautiful descriptions of Devon countryside, loving and wise characters, plenty of emotional punch... I'm wondering what other wonderful women's fiction writers there are out there still waiting for me to discover. Would love recommendations.


Lacey Devlin said...

The good ol' library! You're far more high tech than me but I use to blow computers up on a regular basis so perhaps that's just as well :). I'll have to track down Marcia Willett's work now.

T said...

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Magdalena Scott said...

Barbara, this is exciting news--a writer who is "similar to Rosamunde Pilcher?" Be still, my soul, this is just what I need! Thanks for the recommendation; I will search for her books.

Barbara Hannay said...

Magdalena, lovely to hear from you. I do hope you enjoy MW if you find her. You're probably like me and have read every RP ever published.