Thursday, July 15, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

1. Watching the patterns of light and shade on the hills at Tarzali in the late afternoon.
2. Walking into a library – drinking in the silence and seeing the rows of books, just waiting.
3. The lush slow movements in classical music.
4. Elliot’s sense of humour.
5. Eating crisp apples while curled up with a really good book.
6. Looking back at Townsville from the back of the Magnetic Island ferry.
7. Talking to my daughters on the phone.
8. My granddaughter Lilly’s welcoming hugs.
9. Those occasional writing days when I’m totally in the zone.
10. Diving beneath a clean ocean wave.
11. Eating a perfectly fresh boiled egg with cracked pepper and toast fingers.
12. My grown up children – and the way they continue to surprise me.
13. Eating fish and chips at the beach, or anything my son Richard has cooked.
14. Dressing up and going to a concert at the theatre.
15. Christmas trees.
16. Getting together with writer friends.
17. When Elliot makes exciting, outrageous predictions about my writing.
18. True and inspiring stories of courage or comapssion.
19. The cards my daughter Vicki makes.
20. Airports – the whole buzz of arrivals and departures.

What are your favourites? I'd love to hear.


2paw said...

Coming home and seeing The Labradors at the gate
Visiting a friend who's been away for a long time
Yes, going to the Library
Letters in the post
New books arriving
Walking in the bush
Walking in the bush in the rain
Being snuggled in bed and hearing the rain on the corrugated iron roof
Eating the first pink eyes of the season
Waking up and feeling well
An unexpected meeting with friends
Baking something nice
An email from my sister!!!
What a nice post Barbara, I forget sometimes to think about all the happy things!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks for your list, 2paw. Lovely. I was particularly touched by "waking up and feeling well". It's good to be reminded that we can't all take that for granted.