Friday, December 10, 2010


Have you asked Santa for an ebook reader?

If you have, you might like to check out  Harlequin ebooks where thriteen of my books are available as ebooks, including Molly Cooper's Dream Date, which will be on the shelves in the US next month.

Here's a taste of Molly and Patrick's story... (blogger chopped off the email addresses -- probably thought they were real. :)

To: Patrick Knight
From: Molly Cooper
Subject: We’re off – like a rotten egg

Hi Patrick,

I can’t believe I’ll actually be in England in just over twenty-four hours. At last I’m packed (suitcases groaning) and my little house is shining clean and ready for you. Brand new sheets on the bed – I hope you like navy blue.
I also hope you’ll feel welcome here and, more importantly, comfortable. I considered leaving flowers in a vase, but I was worried they might droop and die and start to smell before you got here. I’ll leave the key under the flowerpot beside the back door.
Now I know that probably sounds incredibly reckless to you, but don’t worry – the residents of Magnetic Island are very honest and extremely laid-back. No one locks their doors.

I don’t want you to fret though, so I’ve also left a spare key at reception at The Sapphire Bay resort where I used to work until yesterday.
“Used to work.”
That has such a nice ring, doesn’t it? I’ve trained Jill, the owner’s niece to take my place while I’m away, and for now, at least, I’m giddily carefree and unemployed.
You have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to live in London, even if it’s only for three months. Thanks to you, Patrick, this really is my dream come true, and I’m beyond excited. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.
Have you finished up at your work? Are you having a farewell party? Mine was last night. It was pretty rowdy and I have no idea what to do with all the gifts people gave me. I can’t fit as much as another peanut in my suitcases, so I’ll probably have to stash these things in a box under the bed (your bed now). Sorry.
By the way, please feel free to use my car. It’s not much more than a sardine can on wheels, but it gets you about. Don’t worry that it’s unregistered. Cars on the island don’t need registration unless they’re taken over to the mainland.
It was kind of you to mention that your car is garaged just around the corner from your place, but don’t worry, I won’t risk my shaky driving skills in London traffic.
Oh, and don’t be upset if the ferry is running late. The boats here run on “island time”.
Anyway, happy travels.

London here I come!


P.S. I agree that we shouldn’t phone each other except in the direst emergency. You’re right – phone calls can be intrusive (especially with a ten hour time difference). And they’re costly. Emails are so handy – and I’ll try to be diplomatic. No guarantees. I can rattle on when I’m excited.


To: Molly Cooper
From: Patrick Knight
Subject: Re: We’re off – like a rotten egg

Dear Molly,

Thanks for your message. No time for a farewell party, I’m afraid. Had to work back to get my desk cleared. Rushing now to pack and get away. Cidalia (cleaning lady) will come in some time this week to explain everything about the house – how the oven works etc.

The keys to the house are in a safety deposit box at the Chelsea branch of Barclay’s bank on the King’s Road. Square brick building. My colleagues have instructions to hand them over to you. You’ll just need to show your passport. You shouldn’t have any problems.

Have a good flight.

Best wishes,

To: Patrick Knight
From: Molly Cooper
Subject: I’m in London!!!!!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

If I wasn’t so tired I’d pinch myself, but I’m horribly jet lagged and can hardly keep my eyes open. Insanely happy though.
Your very gentlemanly colleague at the bank handed over the keys and wished me a pleasant stay at Number 34 Alice Grove and then I trundled my luggage around the corner and –
Patrick, your house is –
Divine will have to suffice for now, but the truth is that your home is more than divine.
Too tired to do it justice tonight. Will have my first English cup of tea and fall into bed. Your bed. Gosh, that sounds rather intimate, doesn’t it? Will write tomorrow.




Lacey Devlin said...

Fabulous excerpt :) I don't have an ebook reader yet, but I really should get one before the books take over the house.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats on the ebook releases Barbara. What I love about ebook is that you can get author's backlists.

And I really enjoyed the excerpt of Molly and Patrick's story.