Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a different kind of week...

So where have I been and why so quiet?

Well... I've been having a rather self indulgent week in the "big smoke" -- Townsville. Getting Mother Of the Bride outift altered and trying to buy shoes to match. I was told that to get my size I would need to order 30 pairs!!!

So may be shoe searching at the Gold Coast when I'm down there soon for my annual writing retreat (can't wait!).

As a result of that little episode, however, I went to the podiatrist and then had to have Xrays etc, so have been getting things done that I've been putting off. Writing wise, I've experimented with writing in waiting rooms and in coffee shops in between these other tasks -- just jotting outlines for future scenes by hand (with Blake Synder's Save the Cat as my guide). I've been surprised by how much I've squeezed in that way, so week doesn't feel totally wasted.
Tomorrow night I have to present an award at the Townsville City Council Arts awards... a bit swanky...
Then home on Saturday.
 Our friend here in helping us to design a chook pen and vegie garden combined, so that's been fun too.



2paw said...

Oh your comment part is different. Glad you are well and also enjoying your new sneaking-in-a-little-bit-of-writing-here-and-there strategy!! I have just ordered your new book: how did I miss that there was a new one?? And apparently there is a 'hero' with glasses. Hooray!! I always loved Theo with glasses.
I hope they sort your feet out promptly so you can have some lovely shoes.
The new chook pen and vegie garden sound fun, I look forward to a photo or two!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Not sure why this is different. Bless you 2paw for remembering Theo from Blind Date with the Boss. I loved him too. But where did you find my new hero Jude with glasses? I haven't seen him, except for the Harlequin Romance cover.

2paw said...

I read the excerpt on your website!!!
It says: Taking off his reading glasses. There is no photo of him wearing glasses, though I think that would be good on a cover. I used my imagination.....