Friday, April 06, 2018

A favourite weekend breakfast...

I guess I'm lucky that Mr H is one of the band of happily retired guys who take an interest in cooking. This is especially handy when I'm sunk deep in writing and it is, no doubt, assisted by the fact that he also raises some of our meat, but I'll talk about that another time.

Today, I thought I'd share his favourite weekend breakfast. It's simple and delicious and probably not especially original, but it's so useful, I thought it was worth passing on. We call it an omelette, but it's certainly nothing like the delicate and fluffy French style omelettes you're served in a restaurant. I guess it's closer to a Spanish omelette, which we first encountered when we were on long service leave from our “real jobs” many (OK, let's be honest – twenty) years ago.
We still remember that wonderful concoction, eaten for breakfast in a pretty hillside town in the south of Spain – all sunshine and white walled houses with cats curled on doorsteps and distant views of the Mediterranean. That first omelette was served on a terrace and filled with thin slices of potato (probably fried) and accompanied by a glass of sherry. Yes, sherry for breakfast! When in Spain...

OK... I guess our omelettes are actually almost frittatas, but thinner, as we only use three eggs when it's just the two of us, although this can be expanded exponentially to feed as many as you like and spread into several pans. And they really are one of the easiest breakfasts to serve up to a horde.

 Basically, it's just a matter of using whatever vegetables are to hand. It can remain vegetarian, but is also yummy with a little chopped bacon or salami or cold sausage, or even smoked salmon.
Our staples are red onion and a chilli from the garden, plus whatever herbs are in season in the pots at our kitchen door. At the moment we have garlic chives and thyme. The chillies are fine even when they've started to dry and shrivel on the bush, by the way. They're not quite so hot, which is sometimes a good thing.

We often add capsicum or sliced tomato and Mr H loves to include capers and green olives, which really do add a special tang.

All this is gently fried. (Please excuse our elderly, battered frying pan. It still works! )

Then eggs are whisked and added. 

These are cooked gently in the frying pan until it begins to set and then popped under the griller with cheese on top to brown. Yummo!

This isn't a cooking blog, so I haven't set out a proper recipe, but I'm sure you get the idea. And after a substantial brekkie like this, (I should add that we don't need toast) we are set for the day!

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