Saturday, August 26, 2006

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OK. Here I am, taking a deep breath and diving into the blog pool. Of course, this is the very worst time I should be doing this, with a book's deadline just a week away, but I've been feeling rather chained to my desk and blogging has been calling to me to come and play.
My main aim with this blog is to tell you a little more about North Queensland and Far North Queensland, as I'm the only romance author in this part of the world. I'd also like to show you that perhaps my life reflects my books to a certain extent in that I spend rather a lot of time in the bush (Outback) but I love the city, too.

You see, I live in an apartment (condo in USA) eight stories up, right in the heart of the city. And I also have a little cottage in the country on the Atherton Tableland. I'll be going there next week as soon as I've sent this book off.
But this time I'll be calling in at Hinchinbrook Island for two nights on the way . (There's the island is on the left. Isn't it gorgeous?)
My husband Elliot and I have decreed we need a little "island time" as research for my next book which is going to involve a desert island adventure. I'm not too interested in being stranded on a desert island myself, but I'm happy to put my characters through the ordeal. Two nights in a tree house on the world's largest island National Park will suit me just fine.


Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

Welcome to 'blog' world, Barb.
It's so hard not to succumb... :)

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks Nic,
It all happened so quickly as they say...
I went to blogspot to see what it was all about, clicked a couple of times and next minute I was blogging...
like leaping off a cliff and wondering about wings.
I'll make it more fancy with links and things later, when I have more time.

Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

That's exactly how it happened to me too!
You'll find yourself blogging madly in no time at all :)