Monday, August 28, 2006

Guest interview about collages...

My collage for In the Heart of the Outback... Romance April 2007

Fellow Harlequin Romance author, Nicola Marsh, has interviewed me on her blog about using collages as a writing tool. Inspired by writers like Jennifer Crusie and Susan wiggs, I've begun the habit of creating collages of pictures, found objects, pieces of text etc that evoke the mood of my book and I recently gave a workshop on this at the Romance Writers of Australia conference.
Everyone had a lot of fun, going through masses of magazines to find exactly the right face, setting etc.

It's really amazing how the subconscious responds to the process of selecting and arranging these images. One of the women at the workshop got an idea for a new book while she was finding her pictures. Shortly after, she had an appointment with New York literary agent, Miriam Kriss. She pitched the new idea, using the collage to illustrate her points. Miriam loved it!

So, if you'd like to know more about collages, pop over to Nicola's blog.

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