Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back to the city again...

Leaving the country... our front drive is part of an old railway cutting.

We came back to the city yesterday, brought with me a nasty tick bite, and will miss the kookaburras and the gorgeous rainforest, but didn't complain about the Thai takeaway for dinner last night and am off to the hairdresser this morning to become citified again...

Sent the final tweaks for my trilogy book to my editor . The trilogy book, by the way, will be Book 2 in a trilogy with Liz Fielding and Jackie Braun .

We've tentatively called the trilogy The Journey Home... as the books are about three women returning home to the UK, Australia and USA respectively after a journey in the Himalayas. Belle, Simone and Claire then embark on emotional and mental journeys, as they are prompted to fix up something in their pasts... mistakes that sent their lives in a particular direction, wrongs they now want to right.

It has been such a privilege to work with two such talented authors and my editor has really pulled out all the stops to help me get the best out of my story, so I'm very excited about this project. My book, by the way, has the working title of For Her Eyes Only... and it really fits the story, but we'll see what title the marketing people decide on...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share with you some pics of our little piece of countryside that we took during our recent stay.

First... this is me ... the perfect way to end a writing day is working in our native garden, where we're trying to grow more rainforest...

Elliot's handiwork... He's restoring old window frames getting them ready for our builder Nails, (Yes, that's his name) who will be building our modest extension over the Christmas holidays.

Part of our front drive

We're growing a good crop of dandelions

On Friday my mother arrives and it's Lilly's christening on the weekend, so I'm not sure whether I'll have a chance to blog, but I'll be back as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ticks can be very bad. We don't really have the Paralysis tick here, but Peri gets 'ticked' in Summer a few times.
I love your photograph of the window frame with a view!!And what great Aussie bush!!
How exciting: a trilogy, and I love the premise. Three books I will be waiting impatiently for. Life is full of 'if onlys' and the chance to right a wrong, or take the other path, is not to be sneezed at.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barb,
Love the pictures! I'd love to travel there some day. What season, or month would you recommend? We did get a taste of rain forest when we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last January. Lovely!
We're in the midst of fall here outside of Chicago in the USA. I am looking out the window at the orange and yellow leaves of the neighbor's maple trees. I have a big pumpkin on my front porch next to my cement goose, who is wearing her Halloween dress and the ducklings next to her are dressed, one is a pumpkin and the other wears a mask and cape. The children around love to come and see how they are dressed. In November they'll be dressed as Indians for our Thanksgiving. (Goose will undergo a gender switch!)
I look forward, as always, to your new books. Such a warm feeling to see your name on them and remember our time in Matera.
Greet that tall, handsome Elliot of yours from us!
Sherry Weddle

Barbara Hannay said...


I'm so glad you like the sound of the trilogy. Liz, has just received her title. Reunited: Marriage in a Million, so the editors have a different slant on this than we have, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the stories.

Hi Sherry,

How lovely to hear from you! Those pictures are taken on the Atherton Tableland, which is quite different from a lot of Australia, but I'm sure you know that.
Best month? Well, to visit North Queensland, you should come between May and October. I actually think September is a rather safe month for travel just about anywhere in the world and possibly May is equally good.
Do let us know if you're coming!!
I love your description of fall in Chicago and your goose and ducklings sound so cute!
Best to you both from both of us!

Phillipa said...

HI Barb.. fab pics especially as autumn chills and fog set in here in the Uk.